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Increasing your area of influence has got to be one of the most effective methods for enhancing your chances of success in a globally competitive business world. Networking and Learning events are being regularly organised by Universities, Chambers of Commerce, Trade Associations, etc. These have often been funded or heavily subsidised by grants from Central Government.

The European Social Fund is a good example of how government attempts to help "combat unemployment, prevent people from dropping out of the labour market, and promote training to make Europe's workforce and companies better equipped to face new, global challenges". In the UK, BusinessLink is committed to providing 'Practical advice for business' and often sponsors business networking events.

The aim of Action Networking is to take advantage of events that are being held outside the immediate Salisbury catchment area. Modern communications, including the Internet, make it easier than ever to exchange information but are a poor substitute for meeting face to face. For those prepared to make a commitment to travel as a group, visiting those events further afield introduces a new dimension to traditional networking. Join the inaugural Action Networking trip to Milton Keynes on Friday, 23rd June (see below) leaving from West Dean at 8:45am. Regrettably, this trip had to be cancelled at 9:00am on Saturday, 17th June due to a lack of participatory interest from SouthWilts/WestHants business people.

Ample car parking at West Dean available or check out train times to Dean station on the main line between Southampton and Salisbury

Register your interest today and be kept informed of future networking opportunities. Posted on 12th June 2006. Tel: 01794-341405

Date Time Location Event Organised by: Booking Deadline Cancel Policy Cost
15th June 7:30am The Rose & Crown Hotel Breakfast Networking  Salisbury & District Chamber of Commerce & Industry ? ? £7.50p inc VAT
22nd June 12:15-2:00pm Rhinefield House Hotel Networking Lunch Southampton & Fareham Chamber of Commerce & Industry 20th June 2 clear days £36.95p inc VAT
22nd June 6:30-9:00pm The Red Lion Seminar: How to get more done in less time.  Business Coaching by Nigel Scott ? ? FREE
23rd June 11:30am-3:00pm Courtyard, Milton Keynes Networking Lunch UK Business Forums ? ? £32.25p inc VAT
27th June 6:30-9:00pm The Red Lion Seminar: How to get more done in less time.  Business Coaching by Nigel Scott ? ? FREE
29th June 6:00-8:30pm The Slug & Lettuce, Winchester Informal Networking Wired Wessex ? ? FREE
30th June 7:30-9:00am Cumberwell Golf and Country Club Wessex Business Breakfast Wessex Chambers of Commerce 28th June ? £9.50p inc VAT
4th July 9:00am-4:00pm Carpenter House, Bath SME Leadership and Management “Open Space” Event University of Bath in Swindon ? ? FREE
6th July 6:00-8:30pm Bugle Street, Southampton Meet the Team incorporating AGM Southampton & Fareham Chamber of Commerce & Industry 3rd July 2 clear days £18.50p inc VAT
7th July 9:30am-5:00pm Devizes 90-day Planning Workshop. Business Coaching by Nigel Scott ? ? £195 + VAT
11th July 9:00am-4:00pm Small Business Hub, Oakfield Campus, Swindon SME Leadership and Management “Open Space” Event University of Bath in Swindon ? ? FREE
13th July 6:00-9:00pm Novotel, Southampton Business Club: Telephone Techniques Southampton & Fareham Chamber of Commerce & Industry 10th July 2 clear days £26.95p inc VAT - E&OE - This Webpage created on 4th April 2006 and updated on 21-Jun-2006
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